Our experienced Insurance Billing Specialists and revolutionary new SMART insurance billing module eliminate your insurance collection stress.

"Within 30 days of working with Platinum Billing, my collections began to spike and have only continued to improve.  Platinum works seamlessly with my office and are very easy for my staff to communicate with.  It has been a great decision and the Platinum company continues to deliver a great product and great service."

— Dr. C.B.  

Platinum System | ROI FORM


Your Platinum System billing specialist will increase your billing collections and save your office money. Fill out the following calculator to get an estimate of how much you could be saving.

What are your Estimated Annual Insurance Collections?

What is the annual salary for your Insurance Biller? If Spouse does insurance calculate what you would pay him/her per year.

How much do you pay annually for your outsourced billing (if applicable)?

How much do you pay for EHR Software and/or Billing Software monthly?
(Calculated Annualy in Total Cost to Collect Insurance)

How much do you pay for software tech support monthly?
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Your Total Cost to Collect Insurance


Based on our billing experience the average office loses 3% of insurance collections due to unpaid claims, slow filing, unfollowed claims, and misfiled claims.

Average increase in Insurance collections based on 3%

Cost For Platinum Insurance Billing Service (6% of insurance paid claims)
(Estimated Annual Insurance Collections + Average Increase in Insurance Collection * 6%)

Total Increase in Collections Using Platinum Insurance Billing Service
(Your Total Cost to collect insurance - Cost for Platinum Insurance Billing Service + 3% Increase)

TOTAL Collections using Platinum Insurance Billing Service

Platinum System's Insurance Billing Service